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    Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a solution for joint pains and back and neck pains, and it helps improve flexibility and body awareness.

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Studio Pilates

The Art of Body
Jalan Mertanadi 22XX Seminyak, Bali

Studio Pilates sits in the heart of Seminyak, offers Pilates programmes designed to engage and strengthen your core, waist and lower back muscles, helping improve posture and prevent injury.

The rehabilitation programmes at Studio Pilates are delivered in a one-to-one setting and designed to challenge and stabilise the spine, shoulders, pelvis, hips and knees.

The small group workout sessions are innovative, intense and highly effective and will leave you lean, toned and flexible.Whether experienced or a complete beginner.

Studio Pilates Bali promise you an amazing full body workout that will keep you coming back for more..

- A non-machine based workout for those new to, or have little experience of Pilates with classes focusing on the principles and essentials of Pilates practice
55 mins
- Practice in a maximum group of three, in our combined matwork and equipment repertoire classes.
60 mins
- Personal attention is given in this one-on-one setting, allowing you and instructor to focus on specifics and detail using a full breadth of repertoire to stimulate and challenge your mind and body.
60 mins
- Practising Pilates during pregnancy leads to easier labour and a faster return to fitness and your pre-pregnancy body.
- Suspension training uses a system of pulleys combined with your bodyweight to help build all round strength, balance, flexibility and burns fat, applying similar principles to Pilates
- Using a mixture of TRX, BOSU, and Pilates-based exercises to burn body fat and increase lean muscle.
- Injured clients receive a complete postural analysis or muscle and joint assessment to the affected body part as part of our private classes
- With over 30 years experience in the martial arts, we will take you through a personalised (one-on-one or tandem) boxing or kickboxing-based session to test your skills
Great Bowen sessions
Reviewed October 27, 2018
I’ve had 3 Bowen sessions with Faz and they’ve been amazing. Something so subtle and gentle, yet... read more
Reviewed April 18, 2018
I've been going to this studio for about a year now and I wish I had done it much sooner. Faz, the... read more
I’ve had 3 Bowen sessions with Faz and they’ve been amazing. Something so subtle and gentle, yet has such a profound impact. I also managed to try a Pilates class and already can feel what a difference it made in my body. I’ll definifely be...More
I've been going to this studio for about a year now and I wish I had done it much sooner. Faz, the instructor is very professional but more importantly listens to the problems you experience and gives you personal advise throughout the whole semi private...More
I really wish I lived in Bali so I could have regular pilates class with Faz. I have always been someone that is interested in improving body posture & looking after my body but having been to different group & private pilates & yoga classes...More
I highly recommend if you are full of muscle aches and pains as I was until Faz was able to give a Bowen treatment to me and other members of my family during our stay in Seminyak. . If you decide to go for a...More
Living in Bali i have tried it all, yoga all sorts & kind, zumba, and more ( you name it I tried it) , i was on the search to find something i like to practice more regularly. A friend recommended this studio, and i...More
My family and I spent 3.5 weeks in Bali this July/Aug 2017. I was luckily enough to have found Studio Pilates - The Art of Body as I wanted to keep up with my pilates whilst drinking cocktails in between. Faz the owner and teacher...More
We visited 4 times over our 6 day holiday - 3 for private pilates lessons and once for Bowen treatment. My husband and I both suffer from recurring neck/shoulder/back pain that never really resolves fully with Physio/massage etc. Faz immediately looked at our posture/stance etc...More
If you want real pilates training and attention to every detail of your body, this is the place to be. The instructor, Faz, has a lot of knowledge in terms of anatomy, body healing techniques, posture, Bowen technique massage, cardio practice and yoga. He pays...More
I had level 1 and level 2 here. The instructor is just amazing. So nice. Everyone In the class loved the place, especially our teacher. She just makes it more fun to do pole dancing.
I met Natalie through a retreat i did with goddess retreats and then extended my training with her for another week! I am recovering from some injuries which Natalie worked really well with we did a variety of different things and i loved every single...More

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